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1. all kinds- country, pop, rap… depends on if im in a chill mood and wanna relax, or a party mood haha

2. proabably around 48 hours straight

3. yes

4. hmm thats a tough one.. maybe theo james bc hes just so cute

5. nope not anymore

6, 8th grade

7. I procrastinate wayyyy too much, and need to break it lol 


No I think that if you wanna wear your hair down that it would still look great! My dress had sheer parts, but i wore my hair down and it looked fine with the dress.. heres a pic :)  

(im on the left)



It’s okay to ask and yeah.. I know I wasn’t perfect in the relationship but yeah he cheated on me with three different girls and he didn’t tell me the truth ab it until a month after I ended things with him